Rehabilitation at Meadow Farm

Each patient referred to our rehabilitation centre has an initial consultation carried out by a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist. These assessments take place in our specially allocated and fully equipped physiotherapy room. 

The assessment begins with a discussion about your dog’s condition and a chance to talk about any particular concerns, expectations and goals you may have for your pet. 

A full medical and lifestyle history will be taken, followed by a comprehensive physical examination. This will include; an assessment of pain, conformation, posture, movement and gait, palpation of joints and soft tissues, joint mechanics and overall function.

Following the assessment you will be given advice on the most appropriate course of therapy available at Meadow Farm. An individually tailored rehabilitation plan will be devised for your dog to help assist them towards a full recovery. 

This usually involves a combination of treatments including physiotherapy, home exercises and hydrotherapy in our Aquatic Treadmill behaviour advice may also be given where it is relevant to an animal's recovery. A full assessment report will be sent to your referring vet outlining the proposed treatment plan. After commencing your rehabilitation programme your dog will have regular reviews with the physiotherapist to monitor improvement and progress the rehabilitation plan accordingly.

Successful rehabilitation involves a holistic approach, adequate pain management and appropriate physical therapy. Should pain relief need addressing, we can arrange this through your vet or discuss alternative options such as acupuncture. Good communication between owner, vet and other health care professionals involved in the care of your dog is also essential to achieve the best outcome.  At Meadow Farm, all members of our team work closely together and liaise with your vet regularly to ensure the best possible care for your dog.

What is Canine Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy utilises a range of different treatment techniques to promote natural healing, relieve pain and to improve functional movement. These techniques include; Manual Therapies, Electrotherapies and Exercise Prescriptions.

Manual Therapy consists of:

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Trigger point release
  • Myofascial release
  • Passive range of motion
  • Stretches
  • Hot and cold therapy 

Electrotherapies that may be used in veterinary physiotherapy treatments include:

  • Neuromuscular electro stimulation (NMES)
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  •  Pulsed magnetic field therpay (PMFT)
  •  Infra red laser
  •  Visible red laser
  •  Blue laser

Exercise prescriptions are given to all of our patients to compliment their hydrotherapy treatment and transfer the benefits achieved in water to dry land, these may include:
  • Postural core exercises
  • Active range of motion exercises
  • Massage

All exercises and their progressions are carefully explained, demonstrated and practiced by our clients during each of their appointments, written handouts are also given.

The goals of physiotherapy treatment are always to:
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve mobility
  • Restore normal movement and function
  • Improve balance, co-ordination and proprioception
  • Restore pre-injury strength and flexibility
  • Restore full function and performance
  • Advise on injury prevention

Physiotherapy can be beneficial for a large variety of conditions including:

Every animal is an individual; therefore each treatment session will be tailored for each individual animal’s needs as well as the owner’s.  Follow up treatments and progress reviews are dependent on the diagnosed condition, in conjunction with how your dog responds to treatment. Patients with conditions that may affect them long term may benefit from a maintenance programme of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in order to improve their function in day-to-day life.

Physiotherapy can also be advantageous for sporting animals, supporting them in their peak of physical fitness and performance.


     Claire Hamilton BSc, Adv Cert Veterinary Physiotherapy, MIRVAP

Claire graduated from Bristol University in 2012 where she gained a Bsc in Geology and Biology. Claire has since undertaken further studies and gained the Advanced Certificated in Veterinary Physiotherapy from Middlesex University provided by Canine and Equine Physiotherapy Training (CEPT) a specialised post graduate qualification.

Claire is a qualified small animal hydrotherapist holding the nationally accredited ABC Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals and is also currently studying to become a Clinical Educator for CEPT.

Claire has an interest in both small animal and equine physiotherapy and runs a private equine physiotherapy clinic covering Suffolk and South Norfolk.

When Claire isn’t working she can be found either riding her horse Ruby or out with her dog Enzo.

Claire is a member of The Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practioners (RAMP) and The International Assocoation of Animal Therapists (IAAT)

 Phone - 0780 557 95 95

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